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Judy #1 Dec. 15: GCR Intel Blackout; Countdown Has Begun

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 16 2017 A. Dec. 15 2017 4:50 pm EST RV Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert f...

Friday, December 15, 2017

Mushaba Platinum Light Message for December 15, 2017

Mushaba Platinum Light

By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba
December 15, 2017

Mushaba Greetings!

I want to thank all of you that have responded so positively to the Galactic Soul Clearings and to the 5 part series of the Mushaba Platinum Light speaking about the various issues facing not just us on earth, but also beings throughout the universe. So many people have responded with such conviction and knowing within their own souls! I first want to speak about the 5 part series. We as humanity on earth, and as universal beings throughout all of creation, we have all come full circle and we are all ready to step fully and completely into our total freedom and empowerment. We took on so much not only for ourselves, but for many others. Many of us carried a heavy burden for the greater good of everything! We have carried the burden of helping to clear other people’s karma, and have carried the burden to clear the karma for mother earth. Many of us have carried universal karma to help clear the karma for the universe.

We all have lived so many lifetimes of suffering and pain, lack, degradation, fear, and being whipped, murdered, burned alive, tortured, and starved to death. This is just on earth. We all suffered the Maldek Experience and the eventual destruction of Maldek that threw so many millions upon millions of souls out into oblivion that had to be recovered, rescued, from being fragmentized, broken up and scattered all over the universe. We all lived on many planets throughout creation and served many great missions for the benefit of All. Why is earth so important to the evolution of everything in the universe? It is because no other species of beings have endured as much as we have? Pain and suffering was the way that all those in high dimensions felt was the best way for evolvement and we on earth have been the poster child for pain and suffering!

Let me tell you what this has done for us, all this terrible suffering that many of us have done in many lifetimes. Let me tell you what have come and what will come of the great sacrifices and service that we have given. Earth has been important for a very, very long time and from what I always understood so many beings in high dimensions were lining up to have the opportunity to come to earth for the experience of growth and evolvement. Why would someone want to come into the fires of hell? Why would someone want to come and willingly step into pain, suffering, sickness and death?

Human beings are like no other in creation. This was the most difficult, the most thankless mission one could have embarked on because this was one that required us to leave the knowledge of why and what we are behind. We left our families and friends; we left our galactic abilities to live fully in our knowing and our power. We left our abilities to manifest and create at will out of universal substance. We lost the knowledge of ourselves and what we could do. We fell into forgetfulness and despair. We fell into darkness and had to walk in the dark blinded by so many various elements that we faced on earth as humans beings that went from being deeply savage to sublime. We walked with both darkness and light within us and they were fighting for supremacy over our lives.

We lived through all of it and we evolved through all of it and we came from the dark ages to the age of light. You all know the story of Merlin. He said that he was the last of the age of magic and miracles because now we are living in the age of man. This is when the ability to step into our supreme power was lost totally for some time. Now and then some of us would discover something and gain some ability however, when we were discovered, we were burned alive, tortured and murdered because we dared to be different. Because we knew things and this struck fear into the hearts of everyone.

The learning and growth that we all endured is incomprehensible and now we are on the precipice of receiving our due rewards. Yes, what we suffered on earth is unlike what others have suffered throughout the various universes. The earth experience is the faster way to evolvement in this creation. What we on earth have done as human beings was for all of the beings in all the universes. They had hit a point of stagnation in their evolvement and they needed us of earth to break through and shatter that stagnation so we all can move onward in our evolvement. We did that, and we are now clearing the final obstacles to our welcome home celebration!

Soon and I mean very soon, we all will see great and magnificent change occurring in our lives and in the lives of everyone we see. We have yet personally within our soul so much to clear and this is why we on earth now has access to the Galactic soul clearing protocol. We have done a lot of work over the years however; we never seem to get to the total root of it. This Clearing protocol will do just that. However, all the work we have done on ourselves was important and we were able to survive and keep moving forward because it was all good work and a job well done! We each should congratulate ourselves because we deserve it!

Our souls took a terrible beating over millions of years of abuse. This clearing is unlike any other on earth and it goes to the total crux of the issues, to the root core and cause of all of our grief and suffering and lack in being able to use our abilities. Yet we bravely stood our ground. We fought with all the love and light we could muster. We will all be honored as heroes by our galactic families. We will be the story tellers in the universe because everyone wants to know what was it like being human, living in forgetfulness and had to struggle from total darkness to the light. All of it is so near an end that you can taste it in your mouths.

I would like to share one more thing with you. We have been asked by numerous people about are we able to find a person’s origin and help them to reconnect to it, to find out their original beginning. They wanted to know for instance where did they have their beginning, what planet, what universe, who were they and what was their purpose. Could the connection between them and their origin be cleared etc, etc. A lot of questions. The reason for all this is because we are waking up and we are tired of going the slow way and by providing this information, it jumps starts one on their way. Sometimes we all can use a little push. You are given enough to stimulate you into your own knowing and this is important because it is our foundation belief that you must stand in your own freedom and empowerment and that is what Mushaba represents. Helping one along the way is a natural normal thing to do when people are searching and awakening. Even if you gave them all the answers it wouldn’t stick because it would not be fully understood and they still would have to search and discover within. I remember being given answers to things that took me years before I truly understood it. Some I got immediately and others it took days, weeks, months, or years. However with the acceleration of the evolvement energies, we are finding out things a whole lot quicker and that is wonderful. What used to take years can take weeks or even days to discover!

In this session of your origins, it will cover who you are, when you first came into being, and where did you come into being, what was your name, and what did you do, and what was your purpose for coming into being. Also certain points along your journey that is important to you now and who and what you are will also be included in the report!

This session can be a life changer for many. Connecting with your origins, it can open your inner doors to your being and it can also verify and give clarity to what you may have been feeling or sensing about yourself. Sometimes we all seek validation. And a little validation does not hurt! Also any other pertinent information that comes up will be included in the report.

After consulting with Creator and other beings of advanced knowledge, it was decided that we can offer this service for those that want it and it will be called “My Origins!”

For further information please follow this link:


For those of you who have not seen the video about the Galactic soul clearing please follow this link below:



When you speak “Mushaba”, every atom in all living things trembles with the fullness of delight.

Paul Ryan: GOP Bill Finalized, House will Vote Historic Tax Reform

Historic tax reform vote lined up with GOP bill finalized

Ryan says House will vote Tuesday as Republicans make final push to get plan to Trump.


12/15/2017 12:07 PM EST
Updated 12/15/2017 08:26 PM EST

The agreement came after last-minute haggling by Republican leaders, especially with holdout GOP senators. Speaker Paul Ryan said the House will vote Tuesday. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Republicans unveiled on Friday their final, compromise plan to rewrite the tax code, putting them on the brink of a historic victory in Congress that’s sure to reverberate into next year’s elections.

The legislation would cut both business and individual taxes as part of the biggest tax revamp in 30 years. It is poised to be carved into law next week when Congress sends it to President Donald Trump for his signature.

Republicans are trumpeting the increases in take-home pay millions would see under the plan, while Democrats call it a giveaway to the rich while emphasizing some middle-income people would see their tax bills climb.

House Speaker Paul Ryan told Republican lawmakers on a phone call that the House will vote on the plan Tuesday, before the Senate, according to a person on the call.

The agreement came after last-minute haggling in which Republican leaders bowed to Sen. Marco Rubio’s demands to expand a child tax credit for modest-income families. The Florida Republican, who had threatened to oppose the plan, announced earlier Friday he would support it.

In a surprise decision, Sen. Bob Corker — who had opposed a previous draft over its $1.5 trillion cost — said he too would vote yes, which all but assures passage in the chamber.

At a celebratory press conference following the release of the legislation, a beaming House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) proclaimed that April 15 would be “the last time you will file under this monstrous, broken tax code.”

The plan which generally hews more closely to a prior Senate draft than a competing House version, includes new details on how Republicans aim to finance the changes. Among them: higher taxes on multinational corporations. They’d face a higher-than-expected one-time tax on their overseas profits, with a 15.5 percent levy on liquid assets and an 8 percent one on illiquid things like factories.

The plan would also make it harder for businesses to use losses in one year to reduce their taxes in another.

Republicans aim to put the legislation to a final vote next week, though the precise timing is unclear with Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) battling health issues. Republicans can only lose two votes in the Senate.

The agreement caps a remarkable legislative stretch in Congress. Facing the prospect of having no major policy achievements in the first year of a new administration, Republicans have pushed the plan through Congress with blinding speed, and in the face of both Trump’s unpopularity and polling showing much of the public is sour on the proposal. They unveiled the initial draft of the plan barely one month ago.

Along the way, lawmakers have been willing to accept things that, in the past, would have had them at each other’s throats. They’re settling for a much higher top individual income tax rate — 37 percent — than many wanted, and their plans to expend the child tax credit would effectively excuse millions of low-income people from paying federal income taxes.

The top individual rate, down from the current 39.6 percent, would apply to earnings over $600,000. There would be six other brackets of 10, 12, 22, 24, 32 and 35 percent. Most individual provisions in the bill would expire in 2025, but Republicans say they are confident they will be extended.

The hugely popular mortgage interest deduction would be pared back, with a new $750,000 limit on eligible loans, down from $1 million. The child tax credit would double to $2,000, with up to $1,400 being refundable — meaning people could get money back if the credit exceeds what they pay in taxes — thanks to Rubio’s efforts.

A long-standing deduction for state and local taxes would be capped at $10,000 for property taxes plus either sales or income taxes. The exemption from the estate tax would be doubled.

On the business side, as expected, the corporate rate would fall to 21 percent next year, from the current 35 percent. An Alternative Minimum Tax on corporations would be repealed. Companies would get expanded write-offs for investments and international tax rules would see the biggest rewrite in a half-century.

Other provisions would end the Affordable Care Act’s mandate to have health insurance, though not until 2019.

Republicans dumped a number of controversial proposals, including plans to end a deduction for medical expenses. Calls to tax tuition waivers for graduate students, change accounting rules so that investors have to pay more on stock sales, and a proposal to end private activity bonds all were nixed.

Tax experts say the speed with which the plan moved through Congress comes at a cost: inadequately vetted legislation, with multiple bugs and loopholes that may come back to haunt lawmakers.

Brady acknowledged that fixes would be necessary after it becomes law.

“I can’t imagine any major undertaking like this that doesn’t require technical corrections in the future,” he said.

Most of the legislation would take effect Jan. 1, which may leave some people feeling blindsided by sudden policy changes. The lower cap on mortgage interest deductions, for example, applies to loans incurred after Dec. 14, 2017. Beginning on New Year’s Day, interest on home equity loans would no longer be deductible, and a break for employer-provided reimbursements for moving expenses would also die off.

Payroll administrators meanwhile warn they wouldn’t have enough time to adjust people’s tax withholding from their paychecks to reflect the changes.

Republican leaders got a jolt of momentum earlier in the day when Rubio and Corker said they would support the overhaul.

“In the end, after 11 years in the Senate, I know every bill we consider is imperfect and the question becomes is our country better off with or without this piece of legislation,” Corker said. “I think we are better off with it. I realize this is a bet on our country’s enterprising spirit, and that is a bet I am willing to make.”

Rubio came around after negotiators agreed to increase the refundable portion of the child tax credit was increased from $1,100 to $1,400, according to a senior Senate GOP aide.

“For far too long, Washington has ignored and left behind the American working class. Increasing the refundability of the Child Tax Credit from 55% to 70% is a solid step toward broader reforms which are both Pro-Growth and Pro-Worker,” Rubio tweeted Friday. “But there is still much more to do in the months and years to come. The progress made on the Child Tax Credit would not have been possible without the support of @SenMikeLee, @SenatorTimScott, and @IvankaTrump.”

Despite bringing Rubio and Corker on board, GOP leaders were keeping an eye on other swing votes.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), who demanded the same child tax credit changes as Rubio, seemed closer to getting on board on Friday afternoon.

“Sens. Rubio, [Dean] Heller, and [Tim] Scott have done a tremendous job fighting for working families this week and they have secured a big win,” Lee said Friday. “I look forward to reading the full text of the bill and, hopefully, supporting it.”

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) remained undecided as he uses his leverage on the tax bill to push forward on a separate measure protecting young undocumented immigrants in the United States. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), a perennial key vote, has yet to review the latest version of the tax bill and won’t likely announce her position until Monday, a spokeswoman said.

And following reports of the expanded child tax credit, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) tweeted his displeasure with the change — although a spokesman indicated that didn’t mean Graham would necessarily vote against the bill.

“While I support child tax credits I do not support the idea of using general revenue to pay for an individual’s Social Security contribution,” Graham said, referring to the fact that the child tax credit would be refundable for payroll taxes in addition to individual returns, a measure meant to target it toward more low- and middle-income families.

Source: Politico

Al Hodges Update for December 14, 2017

Al Hodges Update - December 14, 2017

On Dec 14, 2017, at 1:21 PM, Al Hodges <al@hodgesandassociates.com> wrote:

Good Day - The following post appeared publicly this AM on dinarchronicles.com/intel; it was written by a client of mine who also happens to be one of my dearest friends. I am forwarding it to you with my full, unconditional endorsement regarding its content, and with a suggestion/request that it be so posted and widely distributed. Mr. Valentine is a substantial investor in CMKX as well as a large currency holder. He obviously believes that we are about to be paid, which, for the record, I agree with.

A.Clifton Hodges (CSBN 046803)
P. O. Box 12070
Reno, Nevada 89510
TEL: (818) 625-****
E-Mail: al@hodgesandassociates.com


"Caveat Emptor" by Grumpy Old Wall Street Broker - 12.14.17

It seems that we are on the threshold of the long awaited currency RV event along with the other changes associated with the return of our beloved Republic. I thought a few words from the sage position of a 32 year career investment adviser might come in handy.

As I have told my clients over the years early and easy money (lottery, inheritance and out-sized gifts) can serve up the three Ds of flawed financial planning:

* Death
* Divorce
* Drugs

Giving a large pile of cash to anyone carries blessings and risks however in the hands of a young-in it is a prescription for disaster like a loaded gun in untrained hands.

The other risk is keeping your money safe from hustlers, hucksters and money addicted brokers promising you expertise for your holdings while you plan your eleemosynary(charitable) projects.

Rules of the road in dealing with new brokers, lawyers and accountants:

Due your due diligence and get referrals. Just because a big institution like the banks and large legal and accounting firms' name is behind them that does not mean they know their trade. Ask about any pending or prior litigation as defendant or plaintiff: both could be fair warning. Explain that you do not view legal/accounting bills like Moses tablets and that you expect the billing partners to review for cost benefits to YOU not their firm.

For financial advisers ask them about their own financial balance sheet and if it was inherited or developed by their skills in investments. If they cannot make wealth for themselves how can they do it for you? Avoid being the pioneers in such high wire- high risk investments as bitcoin.

Conservative caveat from Mark Twain: It is not the return on my investment about which I am concerned but the return of my investment.

If the adviser cannot make money for their own account do you really want to be a guinea pig for some ambitions young buck or lass? Ask for a clear understanding of how they are compensated both overt and hidden fees, commissions. Consult broker check at FINRA.org <http://www.finra.org/> . Unlike doctors, lawyers or accountants brokers must disclose all things financial. If you have questions but like the person hold their feet to the fire to explain entries you might find troubling. Sometimes there is a good explanation and sometimes not. I myself, mirroring the experience of Thomas Jefferson in his quest to found the University of Virginia which strained his finances to the limits of bankruptcy have myself repeated his mistake on an 18million horse facility to help a college recruit affluent students only to have a looser put in as President who torpedoed the program that I spent 10 years and 18 Million dollars of my own and borrowed treasure. Start up businesses carry a 1/10 success ration and is no place for a rookie.

Due diligence requires independent verification NOT puffing by a salesman or adviser.

There is a phenomena called the lottery curse. Sudden new wealth in inexperienced hands results in the 3Ds above and worse.

Count your blessings; share your blessings and don't be afraid to consult your higher power and little voice within: if it doesn't feel right it probably isn't.

With love and affection to the changing universe I remain,

Gene C. Valentine
all about me: www.gcvper.com

Read more: millionaires.proboards.com/thread/50334/email-al-hodges#ixzz51Lv1UrAv

Source: Ascension With Earth

Pastor McCrary RV Prayer Tonight at 12 AM EST 12-16-17


ACTS 16:25-26 AT MIDNIGHT Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. 26 Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken! At once all the prison doors flew open and everyone’s chains came loose!

Pastor McCrary

Oootah Call Tomorrow at 4 PM EST 12-16-17


(641) 715-0873

Participant Code:180023#
Playback Number: (641) 715-3579
Code: 180023#

Anyone that wants to donate can donate to Becky@wavocal.net using Paypal. Donations are severely needed please. FOR YOU THAT HAVE DONATED, I GREATLY THANK YOU!

Thank You,


Judy #1 Dec. 15: GCR Intel Blackout; Countdown Has Begun

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 16 2017

A. Dec. 15 2017 4:50 pm EST RV Intel Alert:
Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 15, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. The Alliance has initiated an Intel blackout as of last night Dec. 14.

2. There is speculation that this may be a sign that the transition event is now imminent.

3. Once the Quantum Website comes online, the 800#'s will be posted immediately.

4. This event will be sudden, seamless, and instantaneous. Embrace the future.

B. Dec. 15 2017 12:07 pm EST Countdown Begun, Tank: "Countdown has Begun" - GCR/RV Short Update - Tank - 12.15.17

The countdown has begun. The next set of instructions you will receive will be for our exchange, not the Twitter campaign! TANK

C. Dec. 15 2017 10:57 am EST: UN Operational Rates of Exchange 12-15-17

United Nations Treasury - The United Nations Operational Rates of Exchange
No changes for December 15th. ~ Dinar Chronicles

D. Dec. 14 2017 Email on Mass. Chief Judge Patti Saris and Jonathan Monsarrat

Date: Dec. 14 2017
From: mysteriousmailman@protonmail.com
To: info@22faces.com

I am asking your help in petitioning to the Supreme Court to get Chief Judge Patti B. Saris removed from her Boston, Massachusetts court position. She appears to have no regard for female children whom Jonathan Graves Monsarrat has manipulated for his own selfish whims. There were also young school girls whom he has harassed. Please spread this around to warn others and request that they sue Monsarrat. This man is planning to erase evidence about his criminal existence as a sexual predator. He has a corrupt lawyer by the name of Richard A. Goren defending his actions. See the below web links:









E. Dec. 15 2017 11:26 am EST Authenticating Your Zim: Tutorial: Authenticating Zimbabwe Banknotes

F. Dec. 14 2017 9:14 pm EST Intel Update on Anderson Cooper, Gannett and Operation Mockingbird: QAnon Intel Update -- Anderson Cooper, Gannett, and #OperationMockingbird

G. Dec. 14 2017 NESARA RV Announcements Also Posted at this website: https://officeoftheworldteacher.wordpress.com/2017/12/13/nesara-global-rv-announcements-will-be-posted-here-at-world-teacher-office/

H. Dec. 15 2017 1:13 am EST 3D Printed Homes: 3D Printed $64,000 Homes in as Little as Eight Hours https://futurism.com/robot-print-64000-house-little-eight-hours/

PassivDom is not the only company using 3D printing to build homes. The San Francisco-based housing startup Apis Cor, Dus Architects in Amsterdam, as well as Branch Technology from Chattanooga, Tennessee, say they can construct homes in mere days or weeks.

I. Dec. 15 2017 Hydrophonic Produce grown in shipping container: SpaceX buys produce from this high-tech farm in a shipping container — take a look inside

J. Dec. 15 2017 Food Domes: A Global Solution for Hunger Source: Cure 4 Hunger
Call us at 818-451-3515

Once a Cure4Hunger Food and Water Dome is built, it produces 100% organic food for decades. No matter how dry, windy, wet, hot or cold outside, Cure4Hunger Food and Water Domes keep food safe and secure inside disaster proof domes.

Cure4Hunger is chartered to build 15,000 Food and Water Domes in 150 nations providing fruits, vegetables and fish in these domes. One hundred percent of all fresh water is provided by water atmospheric generators, which harvest 1,320 to 5,000 gallons of fresh drinking water 365 days a year.

Four compact Cure4Hunger Gravity Gardens Systems (10x10x15 feet) are equivalent to growing seven acres of outdoor farmland or 15 acres when poor harvest sections of flooded land or land near walk way or roads where crops receive high amounts of dust are added. Each robotic cylinder system produces more 100% organic crops per square foot in recorded history.

Construction of a Cure4Hunger Dome takes less than 30 days due to ease of design and is half the cost of a traditional building being 50-75% more energy efficient. The grow domes maintain the best environment (temperature and humidity) more effective and affordable than any other indoor farm. Within 15-20 years the energy savings pay for the entire cost of the grow dome.

Each disaster proof grow dome comes with a 100 year warranty and can withstand F5 hurricanes and tornados up to 400mph. Domes are also fire proof, bullet proof, termite proof, flood proof, reflect EMP’s and have an anti-liquefaction option for earthquake regions around the world. Cure4Hunger has a 10 year OEM license contract with SafestHouse to build the disaster proof domes at cost plus 3% royalty license fee.

Cure4Hunger’s innovative game changing invention grows unlimited crops safely and securely indoors regardless of the outside environment. More than 450 cities worldwide have populations of more than 1 million people. Building a 50-Story Cure4Hunger Tower will store the 200+Million pounds of fruits and vegetables produced annually from just 20,000 square feet of downtown land. Once a Cure4Hunger Dome is built, it produces money and food day after day, year after year, decade after decade maximizing harvests while using very little land and water to produce abundant food.

Cure4Hunger is the only company in the world that can guarantee delivery of any quantity of 3,000+ fruits, vegetables, plants, trees and flowers with a ten year price protect agreement. Cure4Hunger can build one of 3,000 type food domes for any food buyer providing 20% lower prices than their last three years average cost if Cure4Hunger builds the dome next to the distribution center. This eliminates transporting food hundreds or thousands of miles away as imported food costs consumers 20% higher prices. Cure4Hunger doesn’t import food, they import a hi-tech robotic farming technology equipped safely inside disaster proof domes to their customers eliminating issues food buyers face worldwide.

Cure4Hunger then takes 90% of all profits and builds twin Food and Water Domes in more than 150 nations poverty regions over the next decade and beyond to eradicate hunger by 2025. By using one million times less water than traditional outdoor farming with 100% of water collected from the atmosphere saves the world trillions of gallons of water each and every year. Each Gravity Garden has 420 “Crop slots”. A four system rack takes up only 10x10x15 space grows 1,680 crops.

This game changing technology integrates robotic Gravity Garden Systems with 100% of water used to grow the crops collected from the atmosphere allowing all farms worldwide to have the exact same PH levels best-suited for the types of crops grown.

In addition Cure4Hunger Domes do not require any water from the ground, which in many places is not suited for growing crops. This is why a Cure4Hunger crop grown in Gravity Gardens with Water Atmospheric Generators will taste the same on any continent.

In addition to crop domes, there are state of the art fish breeding domes. Cure4Hunger is dedicated to the highest standards of responsible and humane fish breeding. All Cure4Hunger food domes have video surveillance for the public to monitor.

Updates for the last seven days:

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 15, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 14, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 13, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 12, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 11, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 10, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 9, 2017

Intel for the White Hats via Annelot 12-15-17

Dear brothers and sisters,

Time has come.
Soul groups are completed. Dimensions are aligned.
The truth is known.
Push the button of love, light and freemdom.
A real "go".

Love and Light,

We are free!



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