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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 20, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Feb. 20 2018 Compiled 12:19 am EDT 20 Feb. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

"Sensitive Subject BonniB" by Pat - 2.20.18

Entry Submitted by Pat at 3:47 PM EST on February 20, 2018

"What have we Become?" by BonniB - 2.20.18

I’m going to try to explain MY perspective, on a very emotional subject that BonniB brought up in her recent post. Everyone has their own beliefs, which we should all respect. I certainly respect BonniB ‘s thoughts on the subject. However, mine are drastically different because I view things from a broader perspective The only reason, I want to present my perspective, is because it might offer some tiny bit of hope, to a very sensitive subject.

There are many facets to the discussion of abortion, or any other harmful act, for that matter, that may happen to any human being.

First let’s discuss who we are...

When you think of yourself, do you think you ARE your body, or do you think you are much more than just your body? I think most on IDC, will agree, we are not our body ( a collection of cells that eventually die and dissolve), but the body only serves as a unique cooperating “vessel “ to House our true selves...intelligent energy, known as the soul, that is a part of the whole...God.

Our soul is ancient, being a part of the collective whole. It has always been, and will always be. That is the nature of energy. You cannot kill energy, thereby, you can’t kill a soul. This brings to the logical conclusion, by many of us, that our soul incarnates many lifetimes. If your are around for ions, why only one life? Thereby, whatever happens to my human body, whether I’m 10 seconds old in the mother’s womb, or 110 years old, it doesn’t harm the TRUE me. I am not my body. I’ve experienced many bodies as an ancient soul. I wouldn’t at all be surprised, if I have experienced abortion, yet here I am, fine .....experiencing yet another life in a different body. Same soul...many different experiences in many different lifetimes.

Was I harmed when I was tortured by the Aztecs in the 1500s? No. My soul, the true me, was fine. Was I harmed when I died as a child from hunger in India in the 1700’s? No. I’m here. I AM fine.

It is my belief, that life offers the most fabulous lessons that are hard to master without incarnating into a body. You can have all the wisdom and knowledge known to man, regarding being an astronaut, but until you incarnate into 3D and actually EXPERIENCE all the unlimited variables of BEING an astronaut, you don’t grasp the full perspective.

As a result, it is imperative that as I plan my incarnation, each time I set up some mile-marker posts that will be met, that guarantee I encounter those life lesson situations, I’ve come to experience to gain further knowledge. Our free will comes from getting from one mile-marker to another. You can take the long difficult bumpy road to get there, or the fast easy expressway to get there. You can set all your mile markers up for when you are young, because you are such an advanced soul you don’t need much time to experience here in 3D form. It’s always been my opinion, that if you want to meet the most advanced beings, it will always be those tiny infants that die young. They are the ancient souls that have incarnated so many times on earth, they don’t need much time here AND most likely they ONLY incarnated to allow another soul to express their “mile-marker” of loss. We don’t have loss on the other side of the veil. To experience it is a masters goal, and it takes another souls cooperation to create that situation...that teaching tool.

Major events in anyone’s life are those “mile-markers” you set up prior to incarnating. YOU wanted those lessons. When you recognize those mile-markers, you then can kick yourself for setting up such harsh situations that you refuse to listen to your guides on the other side (prior to incarnating) and telling them, “NO! I handle it!”. Ya....I’ve kicked myself a few times.

To put My perspective in to one sentence, I’ll finish by once again emphasizing this:

Only the most advanced souls die young, because they don’t need much time here, and most likely they aren’t incarnating for themselves to learn anything, but instead being that needed cooperating catalyst for someone else’s learning experience. That is a true master’s sacrifice, when it comes to being in 3D form.



"Calling Anyone Who Can Help!" by K - 2.20.18

Entry Submitted by K at 3:01 PM EST on February 20, 2018

This is about a missing elderly couple. Missing since 12:00 EST 2 18 18 with illnesses that require medication. They are my granddaughter's paternal grandparents. They were last seen in Lancaster County traveling in a 2013 or 2014 Silver Dodge Avenger going to Yoders for lunch but never arrived.

I have received a bit of information from a special person that they may have been taken to Louisville, Kentucky and are still alive. Lloyd has terminal Cancer and the grandmother, Beverly suffers from confusion.

If there is anyone with an idea to help find them or can get in touch with someone who can actually locate them, the family will be eternally grateful. Your prayers would also be appreciated.

This is a family crisis we never think we will endure, but very sad when 80-year-old people may have been abducted for the sake of a car ride. Their children grandchildren and great-grandchildren hope they are found.

"I Apologize" by Ron Giles - 2.20.18

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 2:26 PM EST on February 20, 2018

"Who is your Hero Tonight?" - Hope for the World - 2.19.18

For John and Hope for the World. I lay my sword down and end this battle.

John, we are on the same side of, RIGHT. While defending my point of view, I went out of bounds in attacking your point of view. I offended a fellow warrior over stuff that doesn't even really matter and now I feel terrible. Please accept my apologies. It was my fault and your reactions should be expected when attacked. That's what warriors do.

Hope for the World, I am no Titan.Your referencing me as, "Cold-blooded Ron," sank deep in my heart like a dagger. There will be no fight in the center ring. The argument is over. Finished. Truth will prevail on its own and doesn't need to be defended. It just, IS. I'm looking for that damn hammer to beat my sword into a plowshare, it's done way too much damage.

To our IDC Family, please forgive me for my bad, divisive behavior. My loss of perspective,and the frustration of continuing delays took its toll on me, it will not happen again.

My apologies to all

Ron Giles

"I have the Proof of Corruption and More" by Angel Gee - 2.20.18

Entry Submitted by Angel Gee at 2:23 PM EST on February 20, 2018

Light Workers....

I finally have the proof that the George Courts participated in the Stealing of my home by the Pretender Lender (Southeast Mortgage) That rendered me homeless on Oct 19.

Take a look at Exhibits A & B, Page 2, #10 on each exhibit of Defendant, Southeast Mortgage’s Answers & Affirmative Defenses, Page 2 # 10. As you can see this Pretender Lender admitted that their company Never loaned me any money. They admitted this twice, once in February and also in October. Yes the courts allowed a non judicial foreclosure! I paid an attorney, that took my last $3000 and did not fight for me. It is my firm belief that he sold me out!

Now take a look a the Judge’s orders, specifically page 2 highlighted in pink. So how could this judge enter a judgement against me the in favor of the Defendant (Pretender Lender) with the admission in plain English?! I know.....Corruption, that’s how. 9 Judges have failed because of collusion & corruption. Time to DRAIN THE SWAMP IN GEORGIA!!

With your Financial Love Support, I can get my property back, that’s been stolen. God has kept it empty, this far. So with your help, I will be able to follow through with an appeal and also hold accountable all those that collectively conspired and colluded with this Mortgage Company to steal my home, by way of these illegal proceedings.

The cost of Transcripts, Court Filings and Proper Service to all Defendants is approximately $542. If 542 Light Workers are willing to donate $1 each, I will Be on my way to making them pay for their Fraud and Corruption perpetrated Against me. 10,000 non judicial Foreclosure a month in GA. Imagine that 10,000 families per month being rendered HOMELESS.

My case is so known in the county, that these Judges now find ways and excuses to deny me the use of Paupers Affidavits as a means to deny me full access of the courts in my efforts to get Justice.

Donation helps, no matter how small. Thank you in advance for your Love & Support.

Humble Servant
I Am Angel Gee

PayPal: IamAngelgee@gmail.com
Cash App: $IamAngelGee
Zelle: acgarron@gmail.com

Answers and Affirmative page 5 7 11 12.pdf


"Re: BonniB on What have we Become" by One of One - 2.20.18

Entry Submitted by One of One at 1:21 PM EST on February 20, 2018

"What have we Become?" by BonniB - 2.20.18

BonniB, you are awesome!

Thank you for the post, including the invaluable question.

The short answer is that we have become denatured from our purest state of our Source being. In other words, we have become colored people (nothing to do with race). We have taken on garb and baggage having some impurity/distortion/corruption.

How have we been denatured, become colored?

There is the nature (combination of qualities) of Source, involving our Source being. Yet, in our experience, we have taken unto ourselves things that are not the purity of our Source being (the greatest part of our being; for illustration, the greater than 99% of our being is our Source-essence), our Source-essence (including highest-purest love, light, truth, wisdom, choice, power...). That does not alter the truth of our Source being; it merely tends to cover/hide/obscure/obstruct its manifestation in the created cosmos (Greek kosmos: orderly arranged system of things) experience.

In effect, and idiomatically speaking, we have, in experience, become somewhat enslumbered and forgetful regarding the truth of our Source being. In part because of this condition, we see reflected in scripture of the bible, and regarding words attributed to Jesus..., some concept involving metaphor/idiom: Come. Follow me; and let the dead bury the dead.

Dead is regarding the spiritually unawakened, those who are still asleep even though they are walking around, not knowing the genuine truth of who and what they truly are regarding their innate/essential being that is their Source being, their Source-essence being. In connection with the created cosmos, Prime Creator, Father God, the so-called Godhead (more than a trinity), the hierarchy of heaven, ascended masters, saints...and others are also Source beings, and we are all equal while also being unique (I AM, ever involving some stage of ego (Greek word meaning I; if there is anyone that is unique, there is ego, the purest ego being balanced...and completely equal the state of Source uniqueness).

Another metaphor/idiom that is a synonym of asleep, and likewise a synonym of dead, is zombie. Some years ago, I wrote and e-published a book bearing the title, "Zombie Disclosure" (an equivalent-in-meaning-title would be "Zombie Apocalypse", where apocalypse is Greek regarding disclose/expose by shining light...). When we are exhibiting zombie (denatured) thinking and behavior, we can present very gruesome, unloving, unjust...and other dark qualities. The title was chosen in part because of the popular bunk/lies (aka what may be idiomatically called b*##sh\t) presented of Hollywood (part of the Draco-reptillian/Anunnaki/Archon...propaganda and psyops machine...) and the apparent popularity of the zombie..., while illuminating the genuine and positive truth that is also our remedy and certain cause of curing all zombieness, including that occurring even to some extent throughout divinity... Of course, the scope of the book is intentionally limited, yet presenting essential cause, effect...and remedy... It is not a slam, it present things of our true glory... The zombie ego is discomfited by the term/word zombie.

I have found that laughing at my zombieness has had elevating effects in my progressional experience; and, when I see zombies, I often laugh. I laugh at myself, remembering what obliviousness and consternation I was experiencing in the process of my progression involving transcending my slumber... Loving laughter is a powerful uplifter and healer.

The dark ones have used perversion of words/concepts in agenda involving fear, greed, lust, government, religion, commerce, and other things of denaturedness, thus we see evidence and proof of denaturedness presented of Hollywood via the screen, including the false notion/concept that zombie apocalypse is something to fear. Yet, they have in some things well portrayed the state of being denatured, which is not something to come: it is already here in our experience. The original virus is conceptual, involving things of untruth, including false concepts and false beliefs...and false programing, thinking and behavior (false when compared with genuine truth of Source being)... Going along with the zombie presentation, the zombie virus is untruth (involving also false beliefs, egos...). Certain dark ones (zombies) have gone to great lengths with their various programming/programs involving various facets of our being.

The genuine us, the truth of us, is indomitable (indestructible), potent...and ever capable of recovery, including ascension/transcension, and, yes, even perfection/completeness; and the essential purpose and intention of Zombie Disclosure is shining the light on the truth of our innate being and its certain nature (combination of qualities), including potency/power, sovereignty (free will choice), equality, love, light, wisdom... When that light shines, we see that the so-called emperor (monarch/oligarch/democrat/et.al.) has no clothes... The most essential concept/truth is that, while we may not be thinking and behaving accordingly, the truth of you/us, the genuine and enduring we who are love...and light beings, are Source beings, Source-essence beings, with all of the qualities of Source being available in accord with our progression in, and out of, the created cosmos (including physical and ethereal/spiritual) experience.

All who grasp and know what I am sharing have no need to read the book.

Law, as we typically know or experience it, is a very low thing, yet it has its place regarding order involving a bunch of zombies... Zombies (the enslumbered experiencing things of slumber, including nightmarish things...) may, for purposes of order and reduction of harm, be treated as incompetents and may have some law imposed upon them, e.g. Galactic Codex, natural law..., until they transcend into being in knowing and alignment regarding their Source being... Consider diving into a deep and dark swamp and rising above it all, which may in part involve draining said swamp..., which brings things into the open, into the light that discloses and exposes... (e.g. part of Tank's and other's intention)

Many of us think that we are awakened, yet we are transitioning and not fully awakened and knowing (thus the proliferation of questions without apparent answers). In this process, there is some awareness without fullness of knowing. Consider that you may be aware of the fact of my existence and presence, yet not know me; or you may be aware of carpentry without knowing carpentry. Fully knowing involves mastery. We are in a process of mastery.

To some degree, our earth law (and some other) is the product of zombiness, including that of zombie jurists (judges/chancellors/masters/bishops of the so-called law/jurisprudence, including ecclesiastical (version of bunk, false belief system)) experiencing varying degrees of incompetency or adeptness (actually ineptitude, when it comes to genuine truth and high-condition being of Source) within the zombie experience... LOL An adept judge/chancellor/monarch/etc. is in one consideration adept regarding his/her/its darkness/zombieness within the Zombie Order, or Zombie Oppression Order (ZOO--captor-captive/master-slave system; yet there is innate capacity of innate being that may be brought forward and affect change (like a snake/serpent shedding its skin--that skin not being fit for the next phase...) in the development process and progression; and all of us are invaluable regarding the process of progression... Among the obstructions on the part of judges/chancellors/monarchs/popes/cardinals/bishops/priests/pastors/presidents/dictators/etc. are false beliefs and ego; and such obstructions tend to prevent/oppose/hinder the genuine truth from appearing... It is not that the genuine truth is not there before them (in their Source-essence being and that of those other Source-essence beings in physical presence); it is because they are blind to it...and true justice is not available due to the systemic corruption (involving zombiness)...

It may be seen/felt/known that none of what I am sharing is judgment/condemnation against anyone, and that it is knowing which may be realized and shared among all Source beings who are sufficiently awakened..., having spiritual eyes that see and ears that hear...

When we fully awaken out of our zombieness, that awakening including our knowing and manifesting the genuine truth of who and what we are, there will be no need for law as we know it. There will be nothing on our parts that is not highest-purest love..., and the free will choice (sovereignty) of each and every one of us will be honored without injury against another (e.g. destroying the body of another Source-essence being, whether by abortion or other)...; and we will be in accord with and fulfill our 100% obligation/liability/responsibility (limited liability is a lie, and the "person" is a pretense of law involving fiction), including that regarding both born (yielded through the related matrix) and unborn (not yet yielded through the related matrix) incarnate... (note: the terms born and birth may involve corruption/untruth within a law scheme) In this process and among other things of our progression, we will relinquish every bogus claim/title regarding the earth and her assets (body parts), and we will honor the earth's choices in what she would share with us and how her assets are used... Our claim regarding earth will not be right of ownership and dominion, it will be one of obligation regarding honor and protection in aid of the earth... This is a matter of our innate sovereignty, which is a matter innate obligation that cannot be waived or assigned (your Source-essence being is not my Source-essence being, though we are ever one and joined/sharing in our oneness (one + ness = one state of being)). An approximate illustration is that one muscle cell is that one muscle cell and not another muscle cell...; and that one muscle cell ever has the obligation of that muscle cell and cannot replace itself by saying to a brain cell, Here Brain Cell X, I waive my cellular obligation and/or assign you to take my place and do my part.

What have we become?

Zombies (enslumbered ones). Yet our cure/remedy is innate and ever/endlessly available and potent, with effect...

What is the origin of the love quality of our being?

It is our innate being: our Source being: our Source-essence being...

We have answer, and remedy; and the magnificence to see and know is in everyone of us.

Again, thank you, BonniB. You are amazing!

In active good will (agape love),
One of One

"Star Systems are Not the Limit!" by Kat - 2.20.18

Entry Submitted by Kat at 1:19 PM EST on February 20, 2018

Happy Tuesday, Dinarlandians. 

Getting closer every day. Victory to the Alliance! Victory to the Light! 

First of all, thank you Gene, for a STELLAR post. I think it should be required reading for EVERY currency holder on the planet. Here is the link for those who missed it:

When I read a few posts that said things like, "Oh dear, your 100 Trillion Zim note is worth $2 MILLION DOLLARS..." or "You can only exchange 1 ZIM note and then you can return to the bank later and exchange another one..." I laughed out loud at my computer screen. If that isn't cabal thinking I don't know what is.

Remember my friends, EVERYTHING THE CABAL WAS ABOUT was DESTROY and KILL. Destroy the planet, the air, Earth, waters; destroy Gaia, Her Kingdoms, Animal, Elemental, Plant, Mineral, Crystal, etc. and most of all, destroy Humanity. 

The cabal had a darn good plan that almost worked: Divide and Conquer. Create Religion to divide and create wars and back both sides in order to kill as many people as possible and blow up the Earth in the process; create money to limit everyone but create wealth for the cabal; enforce taxes to steal even more; create corporations that destroy the Earth and Human Souls; get Humanity addicted to drugs, food, alcohol, "medicine;" create diseases and make sure there are no cures; make human slaves of all kinds in every millennia; design schools that don't educate but that teach "comply;" destroy Gaia’s magnificent, balanced weather patterns creating droughts, earthquakes, cyclones and tsunamis; create gender inequality and destroy the Feminine/Goddess life-creating force; create governments that steal and destroy, etc. Those are just a few of the heinous black holes the cabal threw us down over the last 26,000 years, there are many more that are too despicable to list here.

But one of the stars of the cabal killing-plan was to create LACK and a LACK mentality. Work Humanity to death and kill Humanity's CREATIVITY, which is something the cabal lacks. The cabal can’t CREATE anything. The cabal can ONLY destroy. Humanity is a creator-race. We are UNLIMITED CO-CREATING BEINGS. Wondrous. Magical. Magnificent. Blazing lights. Sparklingly Healthy and Joyous. So the cabal set about to divide us from our true selves and destroy us in the process.

It didn't work, thank God. Because Humanity possesses an Achilles Heel, a spark the cabal can never destroy: Kindness and Love. In every black hole we were thrown into, there was kindness. One human being reaching out to another to comfort, to help, to heal, to love. The cabal were utterly helpless against that Divine Human trait.

I suggest you all read this marvelous article by Montague Keen re the cabal:

I got off track. I want to talk about PROSPERITY and PROSPERITY THINKING. Gene’s wonderful post reminded me of all the years I put into teaching myself ABUNDANCE because I was raised in a “lack” mentality family. Not everyone in my family thought and behaved that way, but essentially, I was raised in a “I am not allowed to have, or even ask, for what I want” environment.
So I set about studying ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY and I encourage EVERYONE who holds currency to do yourself a favor and read some of those wonderful writings posted on various websites. Here are some suggestions:

Read Florence Scovel Shinn, Catherine Ponder, Wallace Wattles and Louise Hay, for starters.

Louise Hay said something truly great: “My having does not prevent anyone else from having.” 


St. Germain, Kwan Yin, Masters, Galactics and Humans that make up the Alliance, did not create this moment in history for chump change. The RV/GCR is about to unleash a tidal wave of abundance on this Earth. Tidal WAVES. Each person is supposed to be a ba-jillionaire!! Every single human. Because there is UNLIMITED UNLIMITED UNLIMITED abundance on Gaia and in the Universe. INFINITE INFINITE INFINITE.

Don’t you dare go in to exchange a 100 trillion ZIM note for $2 million bucks. You’ll kick yourself later if you do. Don’t you dare exchange that ZIM for anything LESS than 1 ZIM for 1 USD. I dearly pray you’ll ask for far more. For the Moon, the Galaxy, a Star System, or the Universe of an exchange rate and DON'T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS.

I’ve got BIG PLANS. One of them is to adopt a U.S. city that hasn’t had water for 2-years. They need at least $500 million dollars to get water to everyone. I plan on helping them. I plan on helping the Animal Kingdom BIG time. There are already people who go in and get beautiful elephants out of chains who were beaten, starved and forced to beg for pennies; who go in and get bears out of chains who were beaten so they would dance, etc. But my plans don’t stop there. That is only the beginning. I have an infrastructure set up of a few people in key positions and lots of jobs to create.

No way am I going to let this long currency trudge result in a measly $2 million bucks. Don’t make me laugh! No way cabal, am I falling for that nonsense. Gene is right: The higher your rate, the more money you receive at your exchange, and the more money the bank makes. It’s a win-win.

One of my favorite affirmations from Florence Scovel Shinn is this:

All that is mine by Divine Right is now released
Under grace, in miraculous ways * And so it is.

Here are some highlights from what Gene posted, well worth remembering:

HECK NO I'm not going to be satisfied with what amounts to pocket change and I doubt anyone else here who is intent on being a humanitarian is either. Do NOT believe we need to settle for next to nothing – that’s the cabal way of thinking…


ASK FOR THE SKY (OR AS I LIKE TO SAY - THE GALAXY) BECAUSE ONCE THE RV IS OVER, YOU'LL HAVE TO LIVE WITH WHAT YOU GOT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE and if you realize later on that you didn't ask for enough, it’s going to seriously limit your ability to be a humanitarian. Just be able to justify WHY you need so much money.. 

My view on proceeds, if I ask for a sextillion (billion trillion) as an example, no I could never even make a dent in that NOR COULD ANYONE ELSE. Getting this much frees me of the shackles that money (3d) creates. Now I have limitless funding and can spend like a drunken sailor if necessary to accomplish all I came here to do in record time and STILL not make a dent. For me, money now becomes meaningless and doesn't exist anymore so it’s not a driving force in my work. I just keep doing, without looking back and it just keeps getting paid for and I don't even have to think about the money aspects anymore. For me, money no longer exists… 


Thank you, Gene!

Remember my dear, courageous, wonderful, light-filled, blessed Dinarlandian friendsthe RV/GCR is simply a transition to no money at all. In our lifetimes, money will be gone because we will be able to CREATE everything we need! We are INFINITE BEINGS with an INFINITE ability to CREATE INFINITELY.

ST. GERMAIN SAID, “Be brave! You will not be mocked when you ask for the high sovereign rates needed to fulfill your mission and heart’s desire of service and healing for Earth, yourself, and all upon her.”


“After your exchange, DO NOTHING. Just BREATHE. 
After a few weeks, (1.) Take care of yourself. 
(2.) Take care of your family, friends and community. 
(3.) Take care of the world. 

With blessings of Infinite Star Systems of Abundance for All—Victory to the Alliance!

xo, Kat 

"To Sierra (NZ)" by dgt - 2.20.18

Entry Submitted by dgt at 12:28 PM EST on February 20, 2018

To Sierra NZ

I admire much of what you say in your posts but your idealization of Donald Trump, in my opinion, is the kind of thing that leads to posts like “In England a fag is just a cigarette”. People come to think that being anti-politically correct is just so cool, when in fact they are revealing an inner world too rancid and putrid to be believed. I don’t include you at all in that camp but I just don’t see how you can look past the personal and political moral decay of a Trump and see some sort of hero. What I don’t understand is how he has time to lead the Alliance between all the tweets and watching Fox News and having adulterous affairs and destroying any hope of environmental salvation and playing golf at Mara-Lago. Granted, some of that could be fake news but have you watched him speak over the last couple of years? Have you seen the cabinet he has chosen? Do you love the way he treats the women in his life? What about the level of lying? Oh, right. Fake news.

What has he done that one might like? Oh Right, he has gone after Hillary. INMHO if Hillary has done all that the right wing says about her, which I kind of doubt, it still wouldn’t justify a Trump.

The fact that people keep bringing him (and Qnon, another joke) up in public seems like the person at the Thanksgiving table who can’t hold their tongue. A cliché I admit but an apt one. I realize that, in this case, there are many supporters at the table but there are still many of us who do slow burns and hold our tongues. Usually.

Finally, if Donald Trump, in any way, represents the future, I will pass.



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