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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug. 20, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 20 2017 Compiled 12:21 am EDT 20 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Sunday, August 20, 2017

"Frog Feet" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - August 20, 2017

Received via email for publication at 8:00 AM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles

The boiling frog is a parable describing a frog being slowly boiled alive.

The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out.

But if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.

Yet what if we reverse this parable to speak of peace and prosperity.

And that if said frog were to be brought to a cooling point of unprecedented mercy from a boiling beginning, would not the shock of serenity be equally surprising?

I propose that is what is happening now in our world.

That peace is quietly and slowly cooling the hatred and violence behind the scenes-- worldwide. So much so, few of us long boiling frogs even noticed the unified coordination.

Look at the Middle East as an example, ISIS has been systematically eliminated by a new coalition of benevolent forces in less that two years.

Did you know Russia's military operations began September 30, 2015... interesting that this date is also exactly two years before the US Congress must pass a national budget for the 2018 fiscal year--October 1, 2017.

Interesting timing to say the least.

Israel was reduced to regional state actor as a result, forced into peace by the Chinese, Russians and Iranians in Syria. Even the UN Security Council voted 14-0 (USA abstained which equates to an affirmative vote) in favor of a two state solution with Palestine for the first time in its history.

Bloody militants gang and third party terrorist group wars in Africa, South and Latin Americas have all been toned down to bit erratic tantrums of isolated violence.

The Yemen war with Saudi Arabia has been reduced to a dull lions roar.

Long standing US wars since 9/11 in both Afghanistan and Iraq have been minimized to complete military removal consideration.

Illegal Mexican and Canadian boarders to to America have nearly completely shut down for all drug traffickers.

Decades worth of North Korean nuclear threat rhetoric proved to be just that... empty words by two radical dictators.

Protests in Europe are now non existence.

On going violence on the Ukrainian boarder with Russia has been simmered.

Venezuela completed a national election without a disruptive coups d'tat.

Where is there war between nation states anywhere in the world? I defy you to find one little cooking frogs?

Is all this just random coincidence? Oh hells no!

It's called GESARA and such peace on earth also includes global financial reforms that sweep the species into an unprecedented period of infinite wealth and prosperity.

It's all connected to a 26,000 year, 13 millennia era transition from dark malevolent control over the earth's sacred resources (including humanity itself) to a light benevolent force reasserting its Heavenly authority in our lifetimes.

Believe, don't believe... there is but one truth little frogs. And my frog feet are feeling the frying pan called life at a peaceful room temperature versus chaotic boiling hot. Sobeit.

God is with us

Guest Posts Regarding Humanitarian Projects for August 2017

"The Next Big Step is here" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

Imagine your great ideas, spreading throughout the World in every country and town. This is the next step. After the Funds, come the Ideas, then comes the action. Let us utilize this information resource by both sharing our ideas there, and then implementing as many of them as we can.

Thank You Patrick for setting up this great Community Resource for us all to Help The World in the most efficient way we can. After the Money, Ideas for Projects is the MOST IMPORTANT THING WE COULD HAVE AND SHARE. I for one, am Very Grateful for this wonderful resource. My wish is that people are able to find enough ideas to match the funds they have available.


Just post your ideas here on Dinar Chronicles by sending an email with your Ideas and plans to: Then we can all see them.


Humanitarian Project Ideas for the Month of August 2017

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:08 AM EDT on August 3, 2017

Hi my name is Latonia Harding Liberty Life And Love 2017.

I would like to open up a few Tachyon Chambers, For Healing that have metaphysical health care providers Centers .And

alternative medicine regimants in a vast arrange of cities so we can heal people and not prolong their illness.

Use of buiding in different cities are going to waste. This will cure diease and save lives. A transportation provided service for the elders to the center. Just another way to bring love and healing to our brothers and sisters. We will be one again with all the creator had wanted for us.

Thank You ______________________________________________________

Entry Submitted by Klarvin Cijntje at 5:16 AM EDT on August 3, 2017

Greetings Mr Patrick.

My name is Klarvin Cijntje Im 23 years old and im from the Island of Curacao.

I have been following your intel and the galactics since 2016. I had read so much about the humanitarian project, so i understand what it is and now i can participate to in making humanitarian projects for the People's of my Area.

I think i can serve best in helping the humans of my Area to eat Organic, drink clean water and house the homeless, help the children with education based on truth, learn them to go within to gain their power within etc. I will plant many plantations to gain sufficient organic food for all the people's of my Area.

I really want to participate in thr Rv , and i know and trust that i will do, to help humanity and mother Gaia to Heal.

Thank you my dear to receive my message. Blessings and lovr to you All!


Entry Submitted by Don at 12:09 PM EDT on August 3, 2017

I volunteer in, and have financially contributed to a local Hospice. I found out that though many are corporate, they need to raise their own money to provide extras for their patients. The extras, like entertainment, etc. are dependent on the amount of money that can be raised. And the fund raising has been challenging. By starting with this one, with $8500 I will set up an automatic annual contribution, and then offer it to other Hospice Centers in the Denver area.

Thank you Patrick


Entry Submitted by Don at 12:19 PM EDT on August 3, 2017

I have met with, and will fund the Colorado African Organization (CAO) here in Denver. From places like Africa and Aleppo, they meet the refugees find shelter, food, start them getting a green card, a job, and eventually citizenship. I have met and listened to their stories they are very gripping. The funding is dependent on the Director going from place to place to raise money in support of this very wort while project. this is challenging and more is needed to give adequate support. I will meet with the Director again, and set up automatic annual funding.

Thank you Patrick


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:15 PM EDT on August 3, 2017

I want to fund some free clinics for small animals all over the world...

Entry Submitted by Dr. Allen L. Brown at 2:15 PM EDT on August 3, 2017

If we are suppose to be the greatest country on the planet how can these fact be true.

Over 85% of the foster care you in America end up on the street after they age out of the system. This is after many individuals have made a great deal of money off their backs.

There is no corporation in America that can operate so inefficiently and remain in business. But some how the foster care system continues to fail and no one is calling them on it.

Well I am. But first let me share a few facts. Yes there are shelter programs. But what good is it to house someone for a day only to turn them back out into the streets in a few. Yes there are vocational housing program but non are equipped to address the needs or the complexity of working with a person that has lived on the streets for any length of time.

There are no sustainable programs that combines addressing homelessness and training in the same venue until now.

Flash Back Academy will provide housing with dignity, training in marketable areas where individuals can maintain a quality of life.

Dr. Allen L. Brown

Entry Submitted by Mollybears at 5:14 PM EDT on August 6, 2017

Having given this subject a lot of thought; with what I know & have experienced in my 62 years, I would like to share my ideas. Having compassion for animals at a really young age & being able to save as many as I can over the years, with spaying, neutering, finding homes, providing food & much love, I hope to continue this endeavor. Where I live, there are many more in need of the aforementioned things required to live a better life. Having read many stories, some with happy endings, some not so happy, I know I could help many more given the right tools. I do the best I can in the present moment, with the resources at hand. Having lost my job recently due to the weak economy where I live, I have had much time to contemplate & wonder about purpose now my kids are grown. I believe this may be it.....

That being said, I have also spent a bit of time learning about energy to heal; finding safer, more natural methods & products to heal & treat our bodies, without the phthalates, parabens, etc, etc that so many of the products on store shelves today contain. Personal experience, I had to find solutions so I could live a healthier life with my body, cleaning my home, helping sick pets. I have learnt a lot & know there is much more out there to learn. I recently watched "The Truth About Cancer". Everyone should take the time to listen to this & educate themselves, friends & family.

I know there is much more info out there that we don't know about. Doing the best we can, with what we learn & have right now is a good start. In the meantime, I try to educate other people in my life, hoping they will come to understand this matrix we live in & how it could be so much better.

I pray each day for that. For all People & Animals on this planet...


Entry Submitted by Just Me at 12:55 AM EDT on August 19, 2017

Hello everyone! Well, i believe we must be close...everybody seems to be really on edge, including the RV community! Or maybe especially the RV community... Well if it happens, wow! And i totally believe! If it doesnt, im still here, surviving as always, right guys...and ladies? Were all very strong to be here, right now...with everything we know to be true. And anyway, i feel like the only thing i can do is visualize and matrix. Hold it in focus what we desire...and honestly, lol, if it came right sure i wouldnt be ready at all!

Well, my humble ideas for humanitarian projects would be as follows: Water...ive recently watched a documentary on the inventor of the segway scooter who had invented a water purifier that purified, thru heat and steam and various filters, water that normally would be undrinkable, with microbes, i believe. Like dirty gutter water...and they were drinking it in matter of minutes, if not seconds. It was called the sling shot. Well, hes since partnered with cocacola and i swear, i havent heard a thing about it since, lol. But it got me to thinking, we need access to free drinkable water...everywhere! 24 hours a day! So maybe that technology could be easily rolled out, i assume itd be some sort of structure and more than likely quite a few. Thatd be my first concern.

Next up would be taking on the subject of desalinsation! If our planet is to be the deep blue and greens of health and vitality once again i feel water is at the heart...duh, right? So our oceans are free water supplies and plenty of it! Getting our potable and drinking water out of it seems like almost a necessity. We need to be at the highest echelons of knowlege and creating this as a huge industry, and think of how that would change life.

I know how harmful and destructive the chemtrailling program has been, but perhaps some legitimate cloud seeding could be amazing. Im sure there are far better technologies available to create moisture and precipitation so these should be examined. I actually believe that these technologies are probably already being utilized as i believe ive seen proof of it here in california where it would seem there are two agendas at odds of each other, one to take away our rain and one bringing in a steady supply of air bourne moisture. Its quite unusal to see these two types of weather happening, it would seem, at the same time. So obviously that technology exists, so we should be allowed to utilize it.

next, as i believe we need more fun because all the fascism and insurance have tried at every turn to rob us of fun and avenues of healthy outlets, i think it would be really amazing to combine our newly released antigravity technology to create a wave machine, lol. Ok hear me out on this...a single antigravity boost thru water and custom shaped. A machine that could repeat this over and over, be dragged/towed into position so it could hit the reef/sandbar just right to make the perfect wave...think of it, u could utilize it lakes as well as oceans. As big or as little as u want, and while were on the subject, if we could build or tow in and temporarily sink artificial reefs. That! would be an amazing industry! Creating beautiful healthy non harming reefs and fun for everyone in waves and surfing them. Anyway, just an idea. Thanx everyone for your consideration

Just me

Entry Submitted by Doc at 5:12 AM EDT on August 19, 2017

Due to the recent earthquakes on Leyte Island in the Philippines the charity organization will go to the island and assist with the rebuilding and housing of the people affected by the earthquakes. The rebuilding will consist of the construction of business which has suffered damage during the earthquake, building or rebuilding houses, and infrastructure upon the island. Humanitarian aids like food and clothing depots set up to ensure the affected citizens are taken care of until construction has been completed. Trust accounts will be set up to ensure ongoing support is in place before commencing its humanitarian projects without the other islands of the Philippines.


To look after and care for the homeless - the poor and orphan people throughout the Philippines both city and country.


To provide food – clothing – shelter and money to the poor and needy.


With the Philippines being close to a third world country without and government support system, a charity organization will look after the daily needs of the homeless, poor and the orphan citizens of the Philippines. The people from the organization will walk the streets of cities looking after the homeless, the poor, and the orphan citizens until homeless shelters for adults and children have been constructed. Once constructed, these homeless, the poor, and the orphan citizens will be given rooms at the shelter providing them with a safe place to sleep.

Shelters will also supply three meals a day – seven days a week along with a small amount of money to each citizen staying at the shelter to purchase personal items such as toiletries for their personal use – toothpaste, soap, shampoo etc.

The program will also build orphanages in all three cities to cater for the safety of the orphan children of the Philippines. These planned orphanages will house around one hundred children with expansion to house more at a later date.

The planned orphanage will also educate these children to give them a better chance in life.


On the completion of stage one of the program, the organization will venture to the outer provinces to buy land. This land will be turned into small villages where the locals will be shown how to grow fruit and vegetables for resale at the local markets. Once this has been set up the locals will have a sustainable income giving them a better lifestyle.

Once this has been set up in this country, the organization will then travel to another country where help is also needed, like Southern Sudan where there is no water or food. Once that country has been set up it would be off to another and then another.

Entry Submitted by Pathfinder at 8:18 AM EDT on August 19, 2017

I learnt from here how plastic money could be helpful to bring confidence and contentedness in people.I'm interested in helping as many by gifting and organising purchase cards for groceries, clothes education and other necessities of life...

I also have in mind to adopt towns and villages world wide.

With the RV in hand dreams will become a reality

God is with us I feel and experience it every moment

I honour and accept all beings as they are.

Love and light to all


Entry Submitted by Lori Tran at 11:29 AM EDT on August 19, 2017


It's an honor to be a part of this amazing group of Philanthropists and Humanitarian Project Visionaries.

I have a Nonprofit Organization titled Congruent Consciousness Incorporated. It is a 501 (c) 3, registered in the State of Minnesota. Our mission is to provide business expertise and support, to qualified Nonprofit Organizations. We will be doing so, by providing world class, top-rated, Business Consultants, as well as, Business Education and Resources; both virtual and in person, at discounted fee schedules, as well as, for those qualifying: Business Consulting programs that are free of Charge. We will also have a focus on developing social entrepreneur programs to create long term, sustainable funding for NGO's.

Additionally, we plan to open a National chain of Retail Holistic Health Centers. This chain of Centers is called "Destination Relaxation." We are creating this chain of Stores/Centers to promote collaboration and offer shared and affordable Office and Therapy Spaces for Holistic Health Practitioners and Therapists. These Centers will be located in beautiful and accessible retail locations, ran by seasoned retail professionals and management.

And, last but not least, we will be partnering with our soon to be registered "Congruent Development Incorporated Foundation" in funding and rating NGO's that are below the One Million Dollar per year Budgets. *Smaller NGO's often fill niche program needs, that support larger organizations and are often left out of National Rating Companies.

Respectfully yours,
Lori Tran

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:51 PM EDT on August 19, 2017

Adding to the previous projects of mine once enabled through redemptions, I intend doing something for those struck up in porn industry for earning a livelihood, something of monthly basic income in their accounts sufficient for them to avoid and come out of the swamp including those got trapped in redlight areas against there free will and choice, even those who are there for fun will be encouraged to look for alternative work for humanity causes in there spare time with good remuneration.

Entry Submitted by Herbert at 3:32 PM EDT on August 19, 2017

I will build a fleet of extremely large Ocean Vessels That will be able to travel the oceans and recovery all the trash and debris that are just floating around the Pacific Ocean. These boats will be able to travel to Alaska and Mid-Way island and pick up and properly dispose of all the plastics and trash that are killing all the animals, sea birds and poison the food chains...

Just need a ship designer who can design me these ships...

Thank you,

Entry Submitted by Dante at 2:40 AM EDT on August 20, 2017

This is a portion of my dreams with the return from the RV/GCR.

I wish to use my funds to work with building infrastructures to work with Orphans and Seniors. Where the Orphans and many Seniors are totally orphaned, therefore they need a completed infrastructure to support them both. Which basically comprises of Shelter, Clothing and Food, when child in term leads them to have people to meet their needs such as Schools, Educators, Doctors, Dentists and Lawyers to protect their rights, whom in turn will also need Shelter, Clothing and Food, since I have had in place many of these individuals already in place since the late 90's, I will start with them and provide the necessary tools to ease their pain, suffering and devotion such as again Shelter, Clothing and Food, upon which I will build further to provide for all these people.

I of course will find professionals that will vet all the individuals that I will add to this infrastructure. Of course I will also need Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers and Construction Workers and Engineers who again will need the following Shelter, Clothing and Food, so that is my plan that will grow exponentially as well.

Respectfully Yours

+++ Dante

"Johnny Cash" - RV Musical Update(s) - 8.20.17




"Dragon" - GCR/RV Thought - 8.20.17



"Let It Be" - RV Musical Update - 8.20.17

"Let It Be"
("Let It Be" Version)

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom
Let it be

And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom
Let it be

Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom
Let it be

And when the broken-hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer
Let it be

For though they may be parted there is
Still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer
Let it be

Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
Yeah, there will be an answer
Let it be

Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom
Let it be

Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom
Let it be

And when the night is cloudy
There is still a light that shines on me
Shine until tomorrow
Let it be

I wake up to the sound of music
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom
Let it be

Let it be, let it be, let it be, yeah, let it be
There will be an answer
Let it be

Let it be, let it be, let it be, yeah, let it be
There will be an answer
Let it be

Let it be, let it be, let it be, yeah, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom
Let it be

"Thank you" - GCR/RV Thought - 8.20.17

Thank you - Quan Yin

Om mani pad me hum


Grady Flatter

Solar Eclipse Across the USA & The Birth of Jesus - 8.21.17

Reprint of "Solar Eclipse Across USA" by Desertdove - 7.30.17

I found an article written by Max Kutner in Newsweek stating that astrologers are saying: the eclipse August 21, 2017 will have a major implication for President Trump. On this day a solar eclipse, which is the moon passing between the earth and the sum, will cast a shadow 70 miles wide across the US. It is the first eclipse since 1778 where the eclipse path falls exclusively in the U.S. Donald Trump was born during a lunar eclipse which makes him more susceptible to the power of the event.

Wade Caves, an astrological consultant published a 29 page analysis of the coming event Caves believes it will take two years for the impact to be felt as it will take the eclipse two hours to cross the country. "He says it is a real possibility of Trump not being in office. In February, Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar wrote on her blog "Archetypal Assets", Uranus disrupts everything it touches.It always brings a crisis of some sort and since it is close to Trumps natal Mars, it will bring some crisis for Trump to experience or initiate.

Majorie Orr, another astrologer said last November wrote that August eclipse is part of what space scientists call "Saros Series", major political events took place the years of the eclipse. For example the years of 1909, 1927, 1945, 1963, 1981, and 1999. There was the impeachment of President Clinton, the attempted assassination of President Ronald Regan, the assassination of President Kennedy and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the death of President F.D. Roosevelt and the attempted assassination of President Taft. The astrologer Eugene Johnson predicted in April that we should be prepared from some kind as a significant event. Wade Caves says that the eclipse in relationship to a star called Al Jabhah traditionally brings loss and danger. When it is associate with a leader as a president it suggests the possibility of mutiny of soldiers. Caves gives where their might a health risk that would pull Trump out of the oval office: Oct.10. Nov 21, 26 and Dec. 17-19. He also mentions possibility of a ousting from the presidential office either through official channels or behind closed doors....

The Birth of Jesus - from the Urantia Book

122:8.1 (1351.5) All that night Mary was restless so that neither of them slept much. By the break of day the pangs of childbirth were well in evidence, and at noon, August 21, 7 B.C., with the help and kind ministrations of women fellow travelers, Mary was delivered of a male child. Jesus of Nazareth was born into the world, was wrapped in the clothes which Mary had brought along for such a possible contingency, and laid in a near-by manger.

122:8.2 (1351.6) In just the same manner as all babies before that day and since have come into the world, the promised child was born; and on the eighth day, according to the Jewish practice, he was circumcised and formally named Joshua (Jesus).

122:8.3 (1351.7) The next day after the birth of Jesus, Joseph made his enrollment. Meeting a man they had talked with two nights previously at Jericho, Joseph was taken by him to a well-to-do friend who had a room at the inn, and who said he would gladly exchange quarters with the Nazareth couple. That afternoon they moved up to the inn, where they lived for almost three weeks until they found lodgings in the home of a distant relative of Joseph.

122:8.4 (1351.8) The second day after the birth of Jesus, Mary sent word to Elizabeth that her child had come and received word in return inviting Joseph up to Jerusalem to talk over all their affairs with Zacharias. The following week Joseph went to Jerusalem to confer with Zacharias. Both Zacharias and Elizabeth had become possessed with the sincere conviction that Jesus was indeed to become the Jewish deliverer, the Messiah, and that their son John was to be his chief of aides, his right-hand man of destiny. And since Mary held these same ideas, it was not difficult to prevail upon Joseph to remain in Bethlehem, the City of David, so that Jesus might grow up to become the successor of David on the throne of all Israel. Accordingly, they remained in Bethlehem more than a year, Joseph meantime working some at his carpenter’s trade.

122:8.5 (1352.1) At the noontide birth of Jesus the seraphim of Urantia, assembled under their directors, did sing anthems of glory over the Bethlehem manger, but these utterances of praise were not heard by human ears. No shepherds nor any other mortal creatures came to pay homage to the babe of Bethlehem until the day of the arrival of certain priests from Ur, who were sent down from Jerusalem by Zacharias.

122:8.6 (1352.2) These priests from Mesopotamia had been told sometime before by a strange religious teacher of their country that he had had a dream in which he was informed that “the light of life” was about to appear on earth as a babe and among the Jews. And thither went these three teachers looking for this “light of life.” After many weeks of futile search in Jerusalem, they were about to return to Ur when Zacharias met them and disclosed his belief that Jesus was the object of their quest and sent them on to Bethlehem, where they found the babe and left their gifts with Mary, his earth mother. The babe was almost three weeks old at the time of their visit.

122:8.7 (1352.3) These wise men saw no star to guide them to Bethlehem. The beautiful legend of the star of Bethlehem originated in this way: Jesus was born August 21 at noon, 7 B.C. On May 29, 7 B.C., there occurred an extraordinary conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation of Pisces. And it is a remarkable astronomic fact that similar conjunctions occurred on September 29 and December 5 of the same year. Upon the basis of these extraordinary but wholly natural events the well-meaning zealots of the succeeding generation constructed the appealing legend of the star of Bethlehem and the adoring Magi led thereby to the manger, where they beheld and worshiped the newborn babe. Oriental and near-Oriental minds delight in fairy stories, and they are continually spinning such beautiful myths about the lives of their religious leaders and political heroes. In the absence of printing, when most human knowledge was passed by word of mouth from one generation to another, it was very easy for myths to become traditions and for traditions eventually to become accepted as facts.

-- Submitted by Jeff


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